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“Let’s Just Teach Them Not to be Predators”… Seriously?

“Let’s just teach them not to be predators”

That was the response I got from my own (31 year old) daughter when I suggested that we may want to get away from the whole #METOO thing and start a #NOTTODAY or even better #TRYMEMF Movement!

My comment was not to promote violence or encourage revenge toward men or women who have carried out unwanted aggressive situations in the past.

My point was that we need to  move forward, with a whole new generation of people who are not afraid and feel comfortable and confident to enjoy their surroundings, live their lives and not be afraid.

“Teaching”  is a wonderful plan,  that literally should start with boys and girls at a  very young age.

Start today for God’s sake, in every school, home and church in America!

But a 20, 30, 40 or 50 year old man (or woman) who has grown up thinking that their own want and desire is  more important than another person’s is past “teaching”.

A man (or woman) who grows up in a culture that accepts sexual aggression as the norm does not consider the “personal space” and emotional maturity level of their victim,  they simply take what they want and sincerely do not believe they’ve wronged the other person.

We live in a world that does not always act reasonably or respectfully when it comes to the weak, the elderly or even children.

It is naïve to think that talking reasonably or any verbal response is going to stop or deter the kinds of personal attacks that go on every single day in our own neighborhoods.

Get educated about ways to protect yourself.

Join the #NOTTODAY Movement!



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Money Monday

The coffee’s not strong enough.

The dog wanted out way too early.

My hair looks great-  but I’m up a pound…

Awwww,   the weekend is over.

Monday is a day to re evaluate, focus, get back to work, and earn that money that keeps us going.

To a Day job,  8 to 5,  career,  side gig,  hustle, empire-   lol,   whatever you call your income stream (s).

Monday’s to me are like January 1st every week.

A time to reflect,  start new and try again to be that person God wants me to be.

Can I say “God” in the same blog post as money?  YES!

The Bible tells us that God knows the desires of our hearts.

(Time and Financial Freedom)

The Bible also tells us that God will supply all of our needs if we put him first.

(Shelter, food, protection, clothing —  the basics.)

So then,   what should our money priorities be on Monday morning?



  food, shelter, transportation, and clothing basics.


$1000.00 minimum is savings,  preferably up to 3 months expenses.


  support the neighborhood?  NO!   But there are legitimate needs,  with people that want to help themselves, that are just needing a little help sometimes.


MyEcon has a system that can help you stop living just paycheck to paycheck, take care of your families’ needs and prepare for the future.

If you are serious about becoming financially secure,  

take a minute and take a look.

I think you’ll be glad you did. 

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Time to get Your Crap Together?

Under the heading of working at home, all of us budding entrepreneurs,  stay at home mom’s (and dads!)  know it’s a really great feeling to be able to control your own income,  not have to punch a time clock,   not have to beg for time off and not have to settle for an hourly wage.

We rebel against the old  40/40/40 plan!   (40 years of 40 hours a week, for $40,000 a year)

We live in a new day,  a new attitude about what the normal work experience needs to be and yeah God,   we have the right to choose what’s right for us!

That being said…

Working from home,  (or your car, or the local Starbucks)  brings with it a lot of very necessary recordkeeping.

Scraps of paper,   business cards,  calendars and of course marketing material everywhere.

MyEcon has a great system to bring all of your business and personal records under control.

A simple app that lets you keep up with everything,  plus plan for financial goals and life’s little emergencies.

Then next time you’re digging through your shoebox or folders full  of receipts-  take a minute an take a look at the MyEcon  Cash Flow Management app

I think it’s  time we all got our “crap” together.



What those Monat Ads are NOT Telling You…

Hello,  and welcome back.

As a fairly new Market Partner for MONAT,Global Hair Care
(a great line of Anti Aging products for hair),

I sometimes get upset with the way the products are being promoted on Facebook, YouTube etc.

The young, hip and happening leaders in this business are great at what they do- social media is exploding with great info on the products, BUT…

As a middle aged, working woman, with normal day to day stresses of life,
I want less hype and more benefit!

And before I make any choices- show me the bottom line!

That’s the reason for this note, that frankly i’m sending out to all of my female contacts-

Here’s the truth about the pricing.

Rejuvenique Oil Intensive. 1oz Bottle (my FAVORITE FREAKING PRODUCT) is about a 2 month supply if used daily for even half of all the hair, skin, nail uses.

Retail customer price is $99 (exactly, that’s crazy if you have a family, budget etc)

Vip customer price (auto ship every 2 months) is $84.00 (better, but still a lot!)
So here’s what’s NOT getting talked about enough …

Every single month Monat gives HUGE incentives to women (and men) who join their company.

In July for example, any new partner, receives $150 in FREE product, retail value $153-$160 and you get to pick the additional set of 5 products that work for your hair. ( ends 7/31/18 and a new offer begins…)


NO- in order to receive this month’s extra FREE product pack, you need to join with a BUSINESS PRODUCT PACK
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