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Money Monday

The coffee’s not strong enough.

The dog wanted out way too early.

My hair looks great-  but I’m up a pound…

Awwww,   the weekend is over.

Monday is a day to re evaluate, focus, get back to work, and earn that money that keeps us going.

To a Day job,  8 to 5,  career,  side gig,  hustle, empire-   lol,   whatever you call your income stream (s).

Monday’s to me are like January 1st every week.

A time to reflect,  start new and try again to be that person God wants me to be.

Can I say “God” in the same blog post as money?  YES!

The Bible tells us that God knows the desires of our hearts.

(Time and Financial Freedom)

The Bible also tells us that God will supply all of our needs if we put him first.

(Shelter, food, protection, clothing —  the basics.)

So then,   what should our money priorities be on Monday morning?



  food, shelter, transportation, and clothing basics.


$1000.00 minimum is savings,  preferably up to 3 months expenses.


  support the neighborhood?  NO!   But there are legitimate needs,  with people that want to help themselves, that are just needing a little help sometimes.


MyEcon has a system that can help you stop living just paycheck to paycheck, take care of your families’ needs and prepare for the future.

If you are serious about becoming financially secure,  

take a minute and take a look.

I think you’ll be glad you did. 

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Month End Panic

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It’s July 31st,   mid morning, and the panic of “Month End” is starting to hit.

All of my business friends are scrambling for that last sale,  last new partner, last little monthly goal to take them to the next level,  or allow  them to survive at the level they’re on.

My email is literally blowing up with offers from people  that I haven’t spoken to in months.

“Month end”  is very stressful,  even for the most successful of  business owners.

One more bottle of shampoo will get you over that $300 a month goal.

One more new business partner will promote you to Executive Vice President.

One more bottle of Hemp Extract and a new Free affiliate partner will keep you active and earn you a Free bottle for yourself.

Or for some,  at least one more sale or you may not be able to continue doing business in August 😦

What the hell are we all doing?

What would happen if we all just checked out for that last day or so of the month?

What if we kept that “fresh month” attitude that we have on the 1st,   all the way until say about the 28th,   then just chillaxed?

Would everything crash?    Would anybody die?

Would online sales and marketing as we know it come to an end?


The reality is,  (my favorite statement, used in almost all of my posts?)   the last day of the month,  “month end” as we refer to it,   would come and go,   we would wake up on the first day of the next month and see a true picture of our previous months efforts.

Good?  Bad?   Could be worse?

But TRUE results.

It’s my belief that the pressure applied by “uplines” to “downlines” near the month are one of the quickest ways to send a new partner packing.

The pressure of not measuring up in those first few months can be overwhelming to a person that is new to the day to day stresses of online sales and marketing.

The stress of trying to earn a large amount of money quickly in this business is not realistic and completely harmful to everyone involved.

What if we all used the last couple of days of the month to BREATHE,  and reflect and spend some time with the family that we’ve probably neglected just a little the past month.

Would our monthly totals suffer?          I doubt it.

I believe that resetting our priorities and taking a day or so to refocus at the end of each month would serve our businesses better than putting out that  MONTH END PANIC aura that we’re now in the habit of.

Today’s the day,   what are you  going to do?

Call the team, remind them that they “only have until midnight!”

Buy something from yourself to appear to have met that monthly sales goal?

Or put down the phone,  close up the laptop and take your kid to the park.

Drink some good coffee,  maybe catch a movie.

Just forget “Month End” and CHILLAX!      🙂






Money Matters

Retirement, Good Luck on that!

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“A penny saved is a penny earned”

“Put money away for a rainy day”

“Pay yourself first”

Any of those quotes sound familiar?

Yeah,    we’ve been taught that we should save for our entire life.

Reality?   Most adults are “going” to start saving,   have a mental plan to save, but a wallet that just doesn’t let it happen very often.

Why should we worry about our savings?    Can’t we all just live off of our hard-earned, already paid into Social Security when it’s time to retire?

Common misconception.

Professionals tell us that we need to have 3 months of expenses tucked away in a savings account at all times.           (yikes!)

Professionals tell us that we need to math-out our retirement years and how much we’ll need to get financially to that point.

If only there was an app to get us started on that INCOME STRATEGY …

Yep,   We have an app for that!

MyEcon Financial is your own personal Economic System,  complete with money management and money planning apps that make improving your bottom line a breeze!

Financial planning for the little guy!

Know where your money is going,   find out how to increase your take home pay WITHOUT asking for a raise,   and get a quik and easy way to see exactly where you are, where you want to be and what it’s going to take to get there!

Come take a look at MyEcon–   If you’re in business,  thinking of starting a business,  looking at retirement or just ready to “get on top” of your finances–

We’ve got an app for that!






Money Matters

Money Tight? (I got an app for that)

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Every one I know if having to watch their wallet these days.

Prices are going up,  and wages seem to be standing still.

entrepreneurs and Direct Sales friends are seeing sales slow down and partners drop off.

What’s the answer?

What if I suggested that you might not need MORE MONEY,   the real answer might be to start


There a LOT of ways to shift the income you are already earning that will allow you to keep more of your money,  in YOUR wallet!

I began using this system exactly 2 weeks ago,  and as of today,  using NOTHING except the advice I received in the first 5 minutes-  I added $124.97 to my bi-weekly income,  and this trick alone will give me at LEAST $1250.00 by the end of the year,  WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING ELSE!

I’m NOT a recruiter,   and selling is not really my niche-  but helping others,  in any way that I can,   is something that I do enjoy,  and look for ways every single day.

If you’re struggling to get by on the money you’re earning,   take a minute and take a look at this INCOME SHIFT ING SYSTEM