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“On a lighter note” may infer that I’m about to share something cute or funny. 🙂

Although always my goal,  my actual style of writing generally leans more toward the edge of sarcasm or a dry humor at best.

A little darker,  a little less cheerful than most advertising Guru’s advise.

Today we live in a world that I believe requires a bit of reality,  not a constant spew of faked excitement, hyped urgency and misleading results…

When the heaviness of the current world gets to me,  I have to step back,  take a breath and review the basics.

Reconnect with God, His Nature, and His will for my life.

Get proper rest,  (good sleep and relaxing activities)

Eat nutritious food,  and supplement as needed with proven nutritional enhancers.

Limit my “Screen time”  including  TV,  and all forms of social media.

Take time to get back in touch with the people who are important to me,  not customers,  but true friends and family that bring joy to my own personal life.


I find that after just a couple of days of the above,  I can jump back on the hamster wheel,   start encouraging team members,  promoting my products and sharing the entrepreneurial lifestyle  that I believe will eventually lead us all to a less stressful existence.


When you have a minute,  take a look at one of those businesses that will actually help with all of the steps to “Stepping back”  that I mentioned.

Completely Natural, Organic Products,  including natural aids for sleep, stress and overall health improvement.

A FREE to Earn Business that includes a personalized back office and website to share.

What gets you reconnected?

Please share your recommendations for getting back to a place of peace.


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