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“Let’s Just Teach Them Not to be Predators”… Seriously?

“Let’s just teach them not to be predators”

That was the response I got from my own (31 year old) daughter when I suggested that we may want to get away from the whole #METOO thing and start a #NOTTODAY or even better #TRYMEMF Movement!

My comment was not to promote violence or encourage revenge toward men or women who have carried out unwanted aggressive situations in the past.

My point was that we need to  move forward, with a whole new generation of people who are not afraid and feel comfortable and confident to enjoy their surroundings, live their lives and not be afraid.

“Teaching”  is a wonderful plan,  that literally should start with boys and girls at a  very young age.

Start today for God’s sake, in every school, home and church in America!

But a 20, 30, 40 or 50 year old man (or woman) who has grown up thinking that their own want and desire is  more important than another person’s is past “teaching”.

A man (or woman) who grows up in a culture that accepts sexual aggression as the norm does not consider the “personal space” and emotional maturity level of their victim,  they simply take what they want and sincerely do not believe they’ve wronged the other person.

We live in a world that does not always act reasonably or respectfully when it comes to the weak, the elderly or even children.

It is naïve to think that talking reasonably or any verbal response is going to stop or deter the kinds of personal attacks that go on every single day in our own neighborhoods.

Get educated about ways to protect yourself.

Join the #NOTTODAY Movement!




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