Time to get Your Crap Together?

Under the heading of working at home, all of us budding entrepreneurs,  stay at home mom’s (and dads!)  know it’s a really great feeling to be able to control your own income,  not have to punch a time clock,   not have to beg for time off and not have to settle for an hourly wage.

We rebel against the old  40/40/40 plan!   (40 years of 40 hours a week, for $40,000 a year)

We live in a new day,  a new attitude about what the normal work experience needs to be and yeah God,   we have the right to choose what’s right for us!

That being said…

Working from home,  (or your car, or the local Starbucks)  brings with it a lot of very necessary recordkeeping.

Scraps of paper,   business cards,  calendars and of course marketing material everywhere.

MyEcon has a great system to bring all of your business and personal records under control.

A simple app that lets you keep up with everything,  plus plan for financial goals and life’s little emergencies.

Then next time you’re digging through your shoebox or folders full  of receipts-  take a minute an take a look at the MyEcon  Cash Flow Management app

I think it’s  time we all got our “crap” together.



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