Money Matters

Retirement, Good Luck on that!

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“A penny saved is a penny earned”

“Put money away for a rainy day”

“Pay yourself first”

Any of those quotes sound familiar?

Yeah,    we’ve been taught that we should save for our entire life.

Reality?   Most adults are “going” to start saving,   have a mental plan to save, but a wallet that just doesn’t let it happen very often.

Why should we worry about our savings?    Can’t we all just live off of our hard-earned, already paid into Social Security when it’s time to retire?

Common misconception.

Professionals tell us that we need to have 3 months of expenses tucked away in a savings account at all times.           (yikes!)

Professionals tell us that we need to math-out our retirement years and how much we’ll need to get financially to that point.

If only there was an app to get us started on that INCOME STRATEGY …

Yep,   We have an app for that!

MyEcon Financial is your own personal Economic System,  complete with money management and money planning apps that make improving your bottom line a breeze!

Financial planning for the little guy!

Know where your money is going,   find out how to increase your take home pay WITHOUT asking for a raise,   and get a quik and easy way to see exactly where you are, where you want to be and what it’s going to take to get there!

Come take a look at MyEcon–   If you’re in business,  thinking of starting a business,  looking at retirement or just ready to “get on top” of your finances–

We’ve got an app for that!







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