time management

DEADLINES, Life’s little Director

Project due by Friday.

Kids to practice by 6:00 on Saturday.

Car payment due on the 15th.

Great sale at Target doesn’t start until Tuesday…

Schedules, calendars, planners and smart phones all keeping track of life’s deadlines.

What if?

What if we all gave up the strict time schedules that we’ve committed ourselves to in life,   and lived life based on our own internal clocks.

“Natural time”  let’s call it.

Natural time would mean that adults would be able to sleep until they wake without the shrill of an alarm clock.

Natural time would mean that children could practice ball, or piano or tennis,  when they feel like it,  not on a strict schedule

Natural time would mean that chores would get completed,  whenever…

Businesses could be open whenever…

Bills would just get paid,  whenever…

Yeah,   we all see why this would never work out 😦

But,  sarcasm aside,  there is an argument for simplifying your life by slowing down, weeding out and loosening up your schedule.

How about purposely planning a day every week that has no real agenda.

Wake when you want,   do the chores you feel like,  eat breakfast for dinner or maybe even skip eating altogether.  (Coming soon note on fasting )

Let life happen naturally sometimes,   it’s good for your mind, body and attitude.

Check out a deadline that’s coming up for me this next week!






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