A Hairy Business…

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Do men really want to know what controls a woman’s attitude?

The straight up answer is HAIR!

There’s an old saying


In this day of boss babes, girl power and I can do it all slogans surrounding women, I still sadly believe that appearances,  starting with hair,  still control how a woman feels about herself day to day.

A woman that feels pretty can freaking master the world she lives in!

A woman that feels insecure because she’s having a bad hair day- is not going to be her best self,  mentally, or physically.

Sound silly?   I agree!   But self image determines our attitude every single day.

We are surrounded by images, advertising, social media posts etc that tell women that being beautiful is necessary to be successful.

Although I completely disagree with that culture,   it’s a reality.

What if she could guarantee that her hair would be great every single day?

What if hair, and the love of all things hair, could also give her (or you) a great income stream to add to the list of worlds that are going to be mastered today?

Monat,  a global, anti aging hair company, can help her cross bad hair days completely off her list!

Dry? Dull? Flaky? Oily?  Thinning?     There’s an answer for that!

Take the Monat Hair Care Quiz today and find out what products would work best at helping you have your best hair ever!

Take another minute and check out the opportunity- I think you’ll see that Monat is very progressive in the area of products and compensation.

Want to change a woman’s attitude?    Start HAIR!






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